Our Commitment
Beer is a common food product with widespread popularity and an integral part of our culture. We are confident that the vast majority of the population consumes this alcoholic beverage “beer” in a responsible manner. Therefore we would like to renounce any general denunciation of the consumption of beer.

We are dedicated to the battle against alcohol abuse; determined actions show our intent to promote responsible beer consummation. The following principles are examples of our commitment. These principles are mandatory for the Kulmbacher Group and its subsidiaries as well as all its employees. Furthermore we are determined that our partners in retail markets and in gastronomy should also follow these guidelines.

Our Principles
1. We are dedicated to the enjoyment of beer. We advocate the responsible consummation of beer and instruct our customers of this as a general rule.

2. We fight against alcohol abuse. We actively engage in the fight against alcohol abuse through customer education and prevention campaigns. We are open to partnerships with relevant community groups and other associations dealing with alcohol abuse.

3. We are against driving while under the influence of alcohol. We proclaim that people who have to drive should abstain from alcohol entirely.

4. We commit ourselves to protection of minors. We support our partners in retail and Gastronomy in the adherence to existing laws provided for the protection of minors; especially the enforcement of the prohibition of the sale of alcohol to youths under 16 years of age.

5. We are against so-called “Flat-rate Parties”. Flat rate parties don’t fit into a responsible atmosphere of alcohol consumption. We therefore disapprove of such inviting offers.

6. We advertise with and for responsibility. We do not direct advertising toward minors. We refrain from advertisement campaigns pertaining to minors or any media coverage directed toward minors. All advertisement and other forms of marketing communications directed toward our consumers adhere to the directives administered by the “German Advertising Council” for commercial use of communication for alcoholic beverages.